# justice for Asifa,

I’m really disturbed, I just wanna murder those monsters who drugged, raped and murdered a 8 year old Muslim nomadic girl, I don’t think those basterds deserve to live for committing such a horrendous and henious act in holy place of a temple.

Where are we heading, are we supposed to feel proud to chant incredible India or shame on ourselves for failing to protect our own daughters of india. It’s really hard to understand to man’s enigma towards the cravity of a sex that to with a small girl,what it triggers or intimate him to commit such a draconian act on a small girl, does he really born out of his mother’s womb?

It’s quintessential to give her a justice and punish the culprits mercilessly and rise the concern for safety of our sister’s, mothers, and beloved girls and even it’s disheartening to hear blame game of political parties and giving a taint of religious to disturb the commual harmony, why don’t they understand, that small girl is a daughter of India not to a particular community.

As a boy my heart screams in pain…how much more will we tolerate as a society.. how long will we be silent to such acts of communalising crimes..when will our conscience wake up to question..to fight..and put an end to this communal narrative #justasking

33 thoughts on “# justice for Asifa,”

  1. I don’t know what to say. This may not be more than the nirbhaya case. What can we do the most than asking for justice? Sign petition, nothing more. What can we do is protect ourselves of this world. Sigh, our country and those psychopaths who roam in the country having no control over their sexual arousing. I believe in god, no more in the people or the court. The people of the money and who play. The sad part is it happened in the temple and that’s bastards want justice for rapists. May they burn in hell, or go beyond.

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  2. I too feel bad.. And really the men are getting crazy…
    How can they just think of doing that..??
    Mentality shall be changed..
    I hope we could see India which is safe..

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  3. Shameless people. They shouldnt be killed but be tortured terribly! I am sorry Asifa, we couldnt save you. Feeling ashamed. #JusticeForAsifa. πŸ˜₯

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