# Upgrade your thoughts.

Nobody can predict your future only you can create it ,with your thoughts,one thought can change the pattern of your life ,some times society, nation,the whole world can transform with a single thought.

Thoughts are like bacteria they multiply fast and change the fabric of your life . A thought pops up in your mind ,if you identify with it and invest in it ,you get entangled and it imprisons you. There after you can’t think any of other way however bizarre and unreasonable the thought may be .

The law is “as you think ,so you become ” your thoughts are the blueprint which pan out as your personality and circumstances.

Happy mind creates happy World ,a small mind is focused on petty , insignificant things ,A mature mind see beauty and grandeur in the universe.you can’t achieve great things with small minds so have conductive environment think big , beyond yourself and rotine duties,change your thoughts, miraculously the situation begins to change.


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