Body,Mind, Energy- YOGA.

One thing which happened to cultivated as habit while in lockdown period was practising YOGA , I found the importance of doing yoga after imbibing a book called “Inner engineering” from Sadhguru. I have read this book before but was unable to comprehend, but this time I digested it.

Our body is one of the most sophisticated and incredible machine, though it performs billions of funtiones we fail to acknowledge it.

If we know the machine very well , we can operate it smoothly so better to have deeper understanding about our body.

Yoga enables you to understand the higher dimensions of your body and mind, it had made me to accept the things without judgement and it made me mindful that it had detoxified my body and mind and helped a lot in giving up on toxic habits and to have better thought process in every aspect, it’s been almost 2 months I’m doing yoga for an hour, since then I feel like more elavated and more calmness.It had transcend to more responsive person.

What I found was when our body, mind, energy is in inclined to each other we can do any sort of job easily without feeling any hinderns, this highest sense can be achieved by tuneing up our body with tool called yoga. So what I suggest is try it out.

it may help you to have better sense of Life.


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