# Take care of your “thoughts”.

We are at this very moment is a by product of our thoughts, perhaps you are the projections of your own thoughts, hence it’s very imperative to care for your thoughts,which are worthy enough to make you better version of yourself.

Unfortunately 90% of our thoughts are repeated on daily basis, hence it’s impetus to feed our brain with right ingredients to emulate the worthy thoughts. Basically we feed the brain by what we see, what we hear, and what we eat. In order to have right thoughts, it requires routine training to mind, just by observing your breath, Which enables self control of thoughts and most profoundly daily habits have major impact on our thoughts, hence it needs hobbies of reading, watching worthy stuffs, which play major role in formation of embroy of thought.

A shift to dominate thoughts and feelings of love and gratitude is answer for all your negative thoughts, all you require is you, and ability to think things into being.

If you don’t control what you think,

You can’t control what you do.


21 thoughts on “# Take care of your “thoughts”.”

  1. Hmmm….just to add one more line….which I learnt with my experience….I think happiness….is very internal …it’s not that we will be happy only when people are accepting us….or when people appreciate us…then we will become prey to those remote controlling people …so we need to get this clear in our minds that we can be happy only when we come back to ourselves…. replacing the negativities all around by this thought process

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      1. Lol….as I told yuule also… working on some research….it’s difficult….you never know…when all your hard work can all go waste…. still not happening…so could not visit any of your posts…but surely your posts are definitely something I look forward to

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      2. Oh that’s really so sweet of you, even I used to check out urs anyways I wish and pray for miracles to be happen in ur research and let u get what u desired for โ˜บ gud luck.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, nehavermaa!

      Hi Akarsh_dm,
      Thank you for taking upon yourself the challenge of writing a decent post about taking care of our โ€œthoughtsโ€. I would like to reciprocate your effort with my special post at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/soundeagle-in-best-moment-award-from-moment-matters/, which, in certain parts, also deals with the same and similar topics and various related issues.

      Happy April to both Akarsh_dm and nehavermaa! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. It’s really feels nice to get a optimistic people , I just read your blog, those are really inspiring in fact your own story is so motivating โ˜บ happy to meet you brother gud luck for your blogging.

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