# inner voice.

Sometimes feels like Happiness is something I can never own, only people’s wil follow u if ur successful at least have enough money to spend, nobody will be ur beside to console u if ur knocked down, neither ex nor close friends,

down the line u need to realize your are the one who face it.
since I’ve been living miserably everyday.
I have a feeling like I’ve a knife cluched deep in my heart,
that I can’t get rid of.
No matter how much I struggle.

I feel like giving up,Because everyday is the same.

I guess, the train I boarded to life,
is fueling itself.
Perhaps that’s the reason why,
I can’t experience anything other than hatred.
Never mind.
Once it’s engine is serviced,
It’ll anyway have to move.
If not to a happy one,
At least it’ll leave this lonely and strange station.
And that’s way too enough for me.

39 thoughts on “# inner voice.”

      1. In case by any chance you refer yourself for this, bro, I’ll tell you one thing. So far, you are the only one whom I regularly have contact with on WordPress. And it will take me ages to explain what a beautiful soul you are. So no matter what, “YOU” are supposed to be happy. If this is going to be “YOUR” inner voice, Please know, I am there, many are there 🙂
        Keep up the smile

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      2. Ahwww that’s really so sweet of u sissy am glad to have u as my blogmate and thank you so much for ur concern and am sure I’ll fight this alone need some time to heal that’s it.

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  1. Akarsh…? Is that you …? Yeah why m I surprised…behind the most beautiful eyes lay the secrets deep and darker….I will suggest you get a girlfriend dude…you seriously need one lol… everything will be fine then lol lol 😂😂

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      1. Hey sissy really thank you so much for nominating this award in fact am delighted to accept that but this point of time am quite busy in study and hope u know I rarely chat with you there we can get to know each other☺☺☺

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      2. For sure I know you are overwhelmed with studies bro. I really thought u deserve it and so did I nominate you. It is completely fine bro, It is up to you. It is indeed my pleasure 🙂 Thanks for being there as a pillar to me, so supportive


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