# Take care of your “thoughts”.

We are at this very moment is a by product of our thoughts, perhaps you are the projections of your own thoughts, hence it’s very imperative to care for your thoughts,which are worthy enough to make you better version of yourself.

Unfortunately 90% of our thoughts are repeated on daily basis, hence it’s impetus to feed our brain with right ingredients to emulate the worthy thoughts. Basically we feed the brain by what we see, what we hear, and what we eat. In order to have right thoughts, it requires routine training to mind, just by observing your breath, Which enables self control of thoughts and most profoundly daily habits have major impact on our thoughts, hence it needs hobbies of reading, watching worthy stuffs, which play major role in formation of embroy of thought.

A shift to dominate thoughts and feelings of love and gratitude is answer for all your negative thoughts, all you require is you, and ability to think things into being.

If you don’t control what you think,

You can’t control what you do.

# Every drop counts!

On this very day 22 March celebrated as international “water” day to create awareness about water crisis and to save water with aim to achieve sustainable development.

Our earth may have 97% sea water but only 3% is fresh water where in 68% is of glaciers rest is ground water, rivers which are used to drink, irrigation and other purpose.

According to some studies by 2030 India may deficit by 50% of drinking water to feed to soaring population and there won’t be far off a scenario where water will be distributed in ration, if we didn’t take adequate measures to save the water, for instance South African people facing severe water crisis, where only 20 liters of water is fixed for a person daily, hence it’s alarming and need of the hour to work collectively to save the water. In fact it should be start now And here only by taking initiatives to save the every drop of water by all means just by fixing leaky tap, taking a bucket of water rather then shower, recycle and reusing by electrol reverse osmosis method, and fixing a Roop top to collect rain water and to recharge ground water.

Don’t waste water, water is life.

In order to have sustainable development and to handover our planet to future generation, we need to work collectively to creat awareness of water crisis and to save every single drop of water to save our earth.

# A beautiful mind,Stephen hawking.

It just happened to watch “Theory of everything” a biopic of a astonishing scientist which is actually a bit of romantic melody, and quite saddening drama. A kind of positive vibe and motivation started to trigger in my mind after imagining his life through that movie personally, I felt his life story is just enough to inspire entire human kind, that how could a entire disabled body expect mind could make difference among us.

He was diagnosed with fatal illness called motor neuron disease at age of 21 and even doctor told hardly he could live for 2 years, his quest to discover simple equation of existence of univers, and tremendous will power to live made him to survive 76years miraculously with great contributions to world of physics just by sitting on wheel chair of voice synthesizer.

When asked by student about philosophy of his life he said so beautifully and astoundingly that,

“As univers has no boundaries, there should be no boundaries to human endeavors, we are all different, however bad life may seem there is always something you can do and succeed at, While there is life there is a hope “

We have lost a beautiful mind and greatest scientist however his legacy and work ethic Will always inspires humankind.

#lines of concern.

Gazing through the window at the world outside
Wondering will Mother Earth survive
Hoping that mankind will stop abusing her, sometime
After all there’s only just the two of us
And here we are still fighting for our lives
Watching all of history repeat itself, time after time
I’m just a dreamer, I dream my life away
I’m just a dreamer, who dreams of better days
I watch the sun go down like everyone of us
I’m hoping that the dawn will bring a sign
A better place for those who will come after us, this time


our higher power maybe God or Jesus Christ
It doesn’t really matter much to me
Without each others help there ain’t no hope for us
I’m living in a dream of fantasy, oh yeah yeah yeah!
If only we could all just find serenity
It would be nice if we could live as one
When will all this anger, hate

and bigotry gone.

-ozzy osbourne.

#A diamond is chunk of coal that did well under pressure .

  • #Background storyline.
  • In the journey of my life only one time period which I most adore is my struggling time, which I encountered after finishing of my engineering coz, I was unemployed since I was preparing for public sector exams and it took almost 3 years to achieve, and I became debt to my typical middle class family, where literally we were financially unstable. I might have achieved some sort of success if I would have known my family problems while I pursuing my graduations,since my parents never revealed of financial problems and since I done my schooling and college distance away from them It never happened to understand there problems, hence I developed attitude of flaunting, and a sort of attitude of affluent with craze of brands just for show offs in fact I just wanted look cool by living lavishly.
  • # Consequences:
  • I just paid all the due for not realising purpose of my very life in early days, I just broke up I was literally became an asshole, but the journey of being unemployed for 3 years really made me so tough and stubborn, that I learnt each and every life lessons for life time such as products of dedication, discipline,time sense,well focused thoughts,perception and intelligence and ultimately directed efforts made me to aspire my dream, and value of money really brought me out off from smoking pot and really made me a better version of myself only one thing I would like to conclude here is embrace the tough times and learn as much as u can and they come to pass on and just to teach us a lesson for lifetime.i really thankfull for those difficult days which have shown me exactly who i dont want to be and one thing became damn sure is that is not waste of time if you learned something.

#Does god really exist?

May be! I dont no coz, i havn’t felt any divine intervention or may be coz nobody have witnessed so far, since majority of people belives in god in the form peace or hope or may be there exit a kind of postive energy which is beyond human perciption or intlligence to discover, since human specise are evolving from past million years may be one day we may discover but according to some sages of sivana each and every atom in the earth is made of five fundamentals things those are sun,water,earth,fire,air, i guess without these 5 things there wont exit a living or non living things on this planet, hence what my perciption and science argue is since we are made of this fundamental things we should try to seek a god in them as a matter of grattitude since we are very interconnected to these presious things thats like when we breath ie what we inhale is exhaled by plants so constantly we are communicating with this fundmental things as we need a food to survive which is grown out of soil and again we need water for everything and each and iota atom on a earth gets the energy from the sun which is driving force of everything.

If you belive or accept this fundamenatl theory of a god or being living in modern world of intellectuals or may be being human beings who has the cpacity to think lets try to seek a god in those 5 fundamental things.My essence of sharing this thought is “NATURE” is god let’s sought a god out of it  As matter of gratitude lets not pollute the this air,water,soil,since our existence is coz of them and we need to pass on to the next generation hence lets protect and take care of this nature and live with harmony and peace.

#Being in a singlehood.

    • Let me get into the point i am a 24 year old guy i was in a relationship for some years while i was pursuing my graduation and it was long distance relationship, i was very happy and content coz at very first i used to think my life had began since i got engaged, as the years moved on at end of the final semster kind of a fear factor started in my mind about my career, which i found very bleek since i acquried zero domain knowledge while doing engineering at the critical point i found my self as an looser since i invested my all time in making up our realtionship which really unncessary at the prime time since graduation period is once in a life time to get expolre and acquire tremondous of knowledge and skills but i miserably failed it, when i found myself in a divated path i got broke up with her and from that point of a time i realsied value of time and i only focused on myself to reshape my career and its been a year and half i found my self in exponital growth in my body and mind since i was not enslaved to somone, i got huge time to learn so many things and to get a desired job in a stipulated time and to discover my passion as blogging.
    • Fellas what i would lik to share is singlehood is a gift embrace it, since you can invest yourself,in others ,we can live more generously and can invest in passion,can cultivate more friends its very imperative being single in bachulor life and its worth, stop worrying so much about other person.stop obessing about finding the right person.Rather,focus on you,focus on being right person,once we build a great career and got finacially stable evantually we can choose one amoung beautiful soul.
    • Singlehood is amezing, Embrace it,flaunt it,& at very first “love yourself”.

#Is there a “Life” after “Death”.

Yes” I hope if we are an organ donor, as it will continue to enable life of some one who is in need , giving is the greatest act of grace, since we are born with ability to change someone’s life, dont think of organ donation as giving up part of your self to a stranger to keep him alive but its actually a stranger giving up themselves to keep our parts alive ,recycle yourself and be a organ donor and here we have some facts

,a donor can give up to 25 organs and can save up to 9 lives and count can go up to 50 if we count tissue donations! Even a live donor can donate part of liver, pancreas ,bone marrow ,a kidney ,blood and still can lead normal life ,But statics on organ donation is very pathetic and gloomy that is around 0.08 persons per million ,what holding is our ancient traditions glorifys our personal sacrifices, perhaps 1st mention of organ donation is in a religious text ie “Bhagavata gita” where Dadhichi gave his body to gods from that they made vajra or weapon to fight demons from his spinelcord likewise rather then decaying after death why can’t we donate and give the hopes to lakh of people who are dying of organ failure.I guess an awareness is needed to change the mindset of people and it should start from each individual in sharing the awareness and lets be the “DONOR” ,all its cost is “Love”. I am perky and agitated to donate my self after my death hence i have taken pledge and registered myself and I do a hold a organ donor card in my wallet. How about you? And how about Living twice.