27 thoughts on “#She was raped!”

  1. Abe Yar….hum kitna b bol lein…koi na hota change…chalte firte shaitaan
    mil jayege…..sadako pe…Leve example dekhna hai…..just visit some extra ordinary women’s Twitter handle …. itne vahiyaat comments …aur aise vahiyat log….I don’t understand where people are going….ya toh sare pagal ho gye Hain….ya pehle se hi pagal Hain….I just saw a few Twitter comments for a women supporting gauri lankesh ….she actually was given so many hate comments … Disgusting…In India …we really need to educate people….train them ….to respect women for their opinions…for their way of life…kudos to your efforts for being empathetic.

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    1. Well Neha probably well educated mind won’t do such shits, a certain arena of people disrespect women’s and that’s really disheartening, hope and wish let those kind of people should learn some ethics.

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  2. Never read such a sweet short and heart touching thought….Nicely put..looovvvvedddd it….Every single drop of water is important to fill an ocean ….And so is every single thought for changing this system….Why only men, even women needs to change…..,❣💟💟

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  3. I believe .. Every mother should raise their boy making them learn about respecting women and every father should teach their son by showing respect to his wife… Charity begins at home….Then only an educated mind can evolve

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