# Every drop counts!

On this very day 22 March celebrated as international “water” day to create awareness about water crisis and to save water with aim to achieve sustainable development.

Our earth may have 97% sea water but only 3% is fresh water where in 68% is of glaciers rest is ground water, rivers which are used to drink, irrigation and other purpose.

According to some studies by 2030 India may deficit by 50% of drinking water to feed to soaring population and there won’t be far off a scenario where water will be distributed in ration, if we didn’t take adequate measures to save the water, for instance South African people facing severe water crisis, where only 20 liters of water is fixed for a person daily, hence it’s alarming and need of the hour to work collectively to save the water. In fact it should be start now And here only by taking initiatives to save the every drop of water by all means just by fixing leaky tap, taking a bucket of water rather then shower, recycle and reusing by electrol reverse osmosis method, and fixing a Roop top to collect rain water and to recharge ground water.

Don’t waste water, water is life.

In order to have sustainable development and to handover our planet to future generation, we need to work collectively to creat awareness of water crisis and to save every single drop of water to save our earth.


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