# A beautiful mind,Stephen hawking.

It just happened to watch “Theory of everything” a biopic of a astonishing scientist which is actually a bit of romantic melody, and quite saddening drama. A kind of positive vibe and motivation started to trigger in my mind after imagining his life through that movie personally, I felt his life story is just enough to inspire entire human kind, that how could a entire disabled body expect mind could make difference among us.

He was diagnosed with fatal illness called motor neuron disease at age of 21 and even doctor told hardly he could live for 2 years, his quest to discover simple equation of existence of univers, and tremendous will power to live made him to survive 76years miraculously with great contributions to world of physics just by sitting on wheel chair of voice synthesizer.

When asked by student about philosophy of his life he said so beautifully and astoundingly that,

“As univers has no boundaries, there should be no boundaries to human endeavors, we are all different, however bad life may seem there is always something you can do and succeed at, While there is life there is a hope “

We have lost a beautiful mind and greatest scientist however his legacy and work ethic Will always inspires humankind.


19 thoughts on “# A beautiful mind,Stephen hawking.”

    1. Hey chimdelu thank you so much for nominating my name for mystery blogger award and it’s very special because it’s my 1st nomination so am very happy to accept your nomination by the way have a great day☺

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  1. We all at various stages of life need some kind of a push in order to backtrack or to get organized in life again….these days my goal is to live an organised, healthy, and mindful life.Thank you so much for your motivating post.Stay Blessed 😃

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