#Does god really exist?

May be! I dont no coz, i havn’t felt any divine intervention or may be coz nobody have witnessed so far, since majority of people belives in god in the form peace or hope or may be there exit a kind of postive energy which is beyond human perciption or intlligence to discover, since human specise are evolving from past million years may be one day we may discover but according to some sages of sivana each and every atom in the earth is made of five fundamentals things those are sun,water,earth,fire,air, i guess without these 5 things there wont exit a living or non living things on this planet, hence what my perciption and science argue is since we are made of this fundamental things we should try to seek a god in them as a matter of grattitude since we are very interconnected to these presious things thats like when we breath ie what we inhale is exhaled by plants so constantly we are communicating with this fundmental things as we need a food to survive which is grown out of soil and again we need water for everything and each and iota atom on a earth gets the energy from the sun which is driving force of everything.

If you belive or accept this fundamenatl theory of a god or being living in modern world of intellectuals or may be being human beings who has the cpacity to think lets try to seek a god in those 5 fundamental things.My essence of sharing this thought is “NATURE” is god let’s sought a god out of it  As matter of gratitude lets not pollute the this air,water,soil,since our existence is coz of them and we need to pass on to the next generation hence lets protect and take care of this nature and live with harmony and peace.


15 thoughts on “#Does god really exist?”

  1. Based on belief and human doctrines it quite unfortunate that most refuse to believe in the existence of the Almighty God, the creator of all. Beside there can never be a book without an author, then where would the book have come from? And these are the times Jesus Christ said there would come a time when the true believers would worship Him, God in truth and in spirit. It is a matter of having faith in Him and what He says He is. Believe it or not there is life after death and if mankind was to live, die and that is it…….then what would be the essence of having life itself? Without hope and faith for anything better ahead, everything created is for a purpose and so are we when the clock runs out that would be it.
    God Exists And There Is Life After Death.

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    1. Yeah partially!! May be what goes around will come around like it may be like coincidence but not always I guess and what I believe is output which I get is always depends on how I give the input.


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