#Being in a singlehood.

    • Let me get into the point i am a 24 year old guy i was in a relationship for some years while i was pursuing my graduation and it was long distance relationship, i was very happy and content coz at very first i used to think my life had began since i got engaged, as the years moved on at end of the final semster kind of a fear factor started in my mind about my career, which i found very bleek since i acquried zero domain knowledge while doing engineering at the critical point i found my self as an looser since i invested my all time in making up our realtionship which really unncessary at the prime time since graduation period is once in a life time to get expolre and acquire tremondous of knowledge and skills but i miserably failed it, when i found myself in a divated path i got broke up with her and from that point of a time i realsied value of time and i only focused on myself to reshape my career and its been a year and half i found my self in exponital growth in my body and mind since i was not enslaved to somone, i got huge time to learn so many things and to get a desired job in a stipulated time and to discover my passion as blogging.
    • Fellas what i would lik to share is singlehood is a gift embrace it, since you can invest yourself,in others ,we can live more generously and can invest in passion,can cultivate more friends its very imperative being single in bachulor life and its worth, stop worrying so much about other person.stop obessing about finding the right person.Rather,focus on you,focus on being right person,once we build a great career and got finacially stable evantually we can choose one amoung beautiful soul.
    • Singlehood is amezing, Embrace it,flaunt it,& at very first “love yourself”.


60 thoughts on “#Being in a singlehood.”

      1. How can u b dumb Yuulye… πŸ˜’
        U r sooooo funnnyyyyy n crazzzzyyyy like me… N d new fact dat i discovered bout u is u r single… Like meeeee… Yeeeeee… πŸ‘β€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜

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      2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ How can you find me here,
        I thought you were mad when I call you funny πŸ˜‹ Hahaha, yes, you are right, I’m a single old dude! Don’t worry we will find someone 😘❀️

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  1. Hang on?
    What ?
    Long distance relationship?
    How does that happen?
    You were in a long distance relationship for four years of engineering …….you call it a relationship?
    How does it work? Lol…. sorry…hahahaha….lol …..lol

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  2. … Agreed…. and we need time for us, to improve us as souls and human beings and interact with others, put our input in them, and all this finally makes us better persons for a relationship (that we all are seeking… afterall.. althought it might not be our main focus or goal in life…)

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  3. No offense..But I do not agree to it……I m 30, married to my bf of 10 years..Yes we had a distance relationship in our graduation years…..It was sweet in its own term..we too wasted time in making up.we suffered for this but we were stubborn on one thing…That no matter what may come, we will hold us together because we have invested our hearts in it n we won’t let it go waste…..Maybe fate..We were meant for each other….wen u fall in love, u actually need to fall in love.. even now we fight like Tom n Jerry. We break up n then make up..It goes on hand in hand with our daily cores……Do enjoy single hood but don’t ignore a lovely heart beating just for u..U need to fall in love together and together u need to rise in life……… Sorry for being dramatic..But I kind of felt related to your post..I didn’t meant to be that long

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    1. Well first of all I really appreciate and adore your true love and in fact I wish I had had happy relationship like yours, unfortunately in my case may be I was so immature and kind off hypocrite at that period.


      1. Don’t blame urself…. That wasn’t ur fate…I just tried to highlight that being with someone is amazing though we must learn to balance.. Single good is great but relationship is amazing…Take care and write soon..Bye bye

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