#Is there a “Life” after “Death”.

Yes” I hope if we are an organ donor, as it will continue to enable life of some one who is in need , giving is the greatest act of grace, since we are born with ability to change someone’s life, dont think of organ donation as giving up part of your self to a stranger to keep him alive but its actually a stranger giving up themselves to keep our parts alive ,recycle yourself and be a organ donor and here we have some facts

,a donor can give up to 25 organs and can save up to 9 lives and count can go up to 50 if we count tissue donations! Even a live donor can donate part of liver, pancreas ,bone marrow ,a kidney ,blood and still can lead normal life ,But statics on organ donation is very pathetic and gloomy that is around 0.08 persons per million ,what holding is our ancient traditions glorifys our personal sacrifices, perhaps 1st mention of organ donation is in a religious text ie “Bhagavata gita” where Dadhichi gave his body to gods from that they made vajra or weapon to fight demons from his spinelcord likewise rather then decaying after death why can’t we donate and give the hopes to lakh of people who are dying of organ failure.I guess an awareness is needed to change the mindset of people and it should start from each individual in sharing the awareness and lets be the “DONOR” ,all its cost is “Love”. I am perky and agitated to donate my self after my death hence i have taken pledge and registered myself and I do a hold a organ donor card in my wallet. How about you? And how about Living twice.


25 thoughts on “#Is there a “Life” after “Death”.”

  1. … I think there’s another form of existence… not physical… and being a donnor… hmm… I know it sounds very selfish of me and very unevolved, still.. I have a resistance about this..

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  2. Well! This is a different way of looking at organ donation. I carry an organ donor card in my wallet and i think we should all be willing to donate organs. But i had never thought about it as a way of keeping a part of myself alive. Nice post with a great message.

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