#Live with discipline.

Discipline is built by consistently performing small acts of courge.

The more you nurture the embroy of self discipline,the more it will mature.willpower is essential virtue of fully actualized life.Without it we be lik mariner without a compass ,one who eventually sinks.

To build a will of iron,its essential to take small,tiny acts in tribiute the virtue of personal discipline. Routinely performed little acts pile one on top of another to eventually produce an abundance of inner strength.As the one of proverb says it best: ‘when spider webs unite ,they tie up a lion’. When you continually practice art of self government,there wil be no hurdle to high for you to overcome and no crisis too hot for you to cool down.An abundance of will power and discipline is one of chief attributes of all those strong characters and wonderfull lives.


8 thoughts on “#Live with discipline.”

  1. when spider webs unite ,they tie up a lion’
    yaass i have it in my blog. Consistency is greatness. becuz if u look around, there are few people who act consistent with their decisions.

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