#women- a wonderful soul !

Women” word it self sounds so gracious and compassionate and if we talk of her soul it’s so pure and placid like water flowing from high mountains where we can see one’s own self reflection, and when we look back into history there is no talk of woman raged war against anyone but when we talk of man we can see a dreadful and evilness in him since our history talk of atrocities done by him on one another that’s why we cal women as an angel, since our ancestors our society is dominated by male we have almost forgotten to give her equality, I guess its a high time to empower women and to give her a enough freedom and to respect what she truly deserve,manhood can’t progress completely without bringing her to mainstream. Its a prejudice that women needs to stay inside four walls and cook and look after a family almost like enslavement and its very unfair to think since she doesn’t posses a masculinity to match up with a man to do a job, but the patients and endurance which women posse’s can’t be matched up by a man and in a developing nation like India if we give equal preference to women and allow her to work we can increase our GDP by 27% that’s almost we can increase our income by $400 billion and along with that there is need of hour for her protection , every day we hear of sexual abuses,foeticide and heinous crimes committed against her and this is so un acceptable and very disheartening. A true men need to protect her and to give her all due respect and to stop comment on her modesty and to give support in all the way to empower the women and to see a motherhood in all women. Let’s rise the awareness of women empowerment and give full support to #feminism in giving her a equal opportunities to change the mindset of a male dominated society.


18 thoughts on “#women- a wonderful soul !”

      1. You use the correct word in my eyes, gentlemen. They should be taking care of their women (not meaning always financially), with tenderness and understanding is what I mean. A deep love and loyalty is usually the reward.

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