Its said that everything is within us just it needs a recalibration of ourselves to use our full potential and key for inner engineering is spirituality which is beyond everything and its not a religion its above all, when body,mind and soul are on alignment we can lead a perfect and joyfull life. In order to put them in a alignment we need to possess a kind of a energy that energy derived from celestial body called “sun”.

which gives energy to each and every single iota atom on the earth and a cosmos,he drives everything he had a such great importance and being a recipient of tremendous energy from him we being human beings need to possess sense of gratitude for that celestial body,hence it’s very imperative to do the “Surya namskara” where a 12 posture makes us to receive a energy from all angles in a morning breeze and its time do some stretching exercise so that blood can circulate vigoursely to all the parts of our body which makes our body more active and a investment of minimal 10 min of a meditation to clean our mind which accumulates huge garbage of unwanted thoughts and in fact observing our breath often can be a good affair to have a control over our thoughts,once you continue this habit for 21 days u will sense a marvelous changes in you once you attain the mastery over you mind and body ur gonna shape your soul very beautifully,when ur soul reaches tranquil state you will see beauty in each and every small things which you encounter everyday once you reach the peak of inner peace you will love yourself amazingly and things around you wil obviously change and you can design your destiny as an one of the finest architecture.


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